About us

Quality over quantity is our motto...

Chapeau Couture for over 13 years have dared to ask their customers "Do you have the confidence to wear a chapeau?" Even if they didn't, by the time we were done with a consultation they did! Those that never thought they looked good in a hat. Those that had no desire to wear a hat, until a specific event. It doesn't matter the occasion we are here to assist in making your personality shine. A quality chapeau is for the confident consumer, who dares them to stare! Wear your confidence. We specialize in providing haute hats and outerwear to those that know the difference and don't mind letting the world know. We promote individualism through artistic fashion. Own your style!

In store some of our services include custom design, special order, and styling. 

Also because Chapeau Couture's foundation comes from the promotion of individualism through fashion, we hold Collective Creations at our store location. Collective Creations is a nightlife community to our brand. We hold events after hours that engage our event patrons on the areas of creative self-expression and awareness through art of various mediums. Feel free to join in our exclusive events! Check them out by clicking on Boutique Services.

Boutique Location

2817 Woodburn Ave

Cincinnati OH 45206